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Our customers products extraction individual approach to ideas in the phase of design. So we adjust our projects to individual purposes our customers and we offer them professional service and short terms of realization.

We have our own design studio, so we realize individual customer's ideas and offer complex service including assistance in selection of colours.

It's possible to have an image, logo or some text mailed into the mould.

During strict cooperation with our customer we offer necessary amount of variants to obtain best final effect and choose the only one. We want to deliver our customer the best design products fitting their requirements and ensure feeling of quality product and brand.
We made projects ordered or even make a prototype by means of drawing or visualisation. Experience of our team and advanced software help us to design and prepare models, moulds and packaging in due course.

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We offer our customers full service of producing and confectioning products of our customers, from design to consignment.

- Confectioning of complex pack- aging (like carton with blister)

- Welding blisters with cardboard insert inside

- Welding foil with foil

We offer cutting eurosuspension as well.



Products' visualization shows real parameters and exposes virtues of packaging product. It is comfortable and very effective tool of cooperation for company and customer. It simplify to get demand effect by correcting up to date incompatibles and introducing new details.

At the beginning customer gives us conception, idea, thought or even if drawing or information about product and packaging (like dimensions, weight, destination, place of exposition). And then we present our solution with using modern software. It should help our customer to decide or give us new determination for the prototype.

We amend project in details until we receive ultimate acceptance.


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